Leon Elliott

About Us Legacy 1 Fitness are a team of personal trainers dedicated to bringing you on a fitness journey that will be life changing to you and the others you influence giving our customers a service that is unmatched when it comes to the Health and Fitness field. Legacy 1 Fitness formed 3 years ago delivering 1-2-1 Personal training, Group training, Online training, Fitness classes, Charity events and much more. Here at Legacy 1 Fitness we believe in creating a fitness community where all of our clients feel comfortable and supported during their journey. The support you will receive from Legacy 1 Fitness will ensure you are always clear on the direction being taken during your fitness programme and the feedback we welcome from all of our clients well help to ensure each training plan is specific to each person and their fitness goals. Our Legacy 1 Fitness Professionals specialise in a range of areas relating to Fitness such as fat loss, weight loss, toning, strength, motor skills and advanced fitness testing. The Legacy 1 Fitness Team have created a vibe and energy unmatched when delivering our fun and exciting group ex classes which has kept our fitness community on track to achieve their fitness goals. As a results based company we take pride in the service we deliver which is the reason why so many people from different backgrounds choose to use our service, our team are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable and most importantly very supportive.

Age 35
Gender Male
Qualification Level 3 Personal Training
Location Birmingham