Nasstacia Daniels

I have a love and desire for others feeling better and confident about the way they look and feel about them self. Fitness is not just about physically looking better, it also comes with the mental benefits, which I want my clients to experience.

1 session bundle


1 Days
  • 1 standalone session for 60 minutes working on your customised training plan!

3 session bundle


3 Days
  • 3 sessions with me working on your customised plan, plus book 3 or more sessions with me and save 10% off on booking!

5 session bundle plan


5 Days
  • 5 sessions with me working on your tailored plan to meet your new goals which we will meet together! Plus saving a nice 10% for booking in a bundle plan

Age 25
Gender Female
Qualification Level 3 Personal trainer qualification
Location Birmingham