Are you looking for a personal trainer?

Are you searching for a personal trainer? If you're looking for your perfect personal trainer but don't know where to look, our database will find you a fitness professional in seconds.

Whatever avenue your fitness passion lies in, we will find you a local professional who will provide outstanding fitness sessions in a location of your choice.Whether you prefer to train from home, the gym floor or in a local area, your trainer will be able to give you the workouts you need to become the best you possible.

Would you like to speak to your trainer before you decide to book? Not a problem! Simply create your free profile and use our chat system to get to know your trainer, so you can decide if they are the perfect trainer for you!


About Us

Arclight Fitness believes there is no barrier to fitness. That's why our aim is to connect you to a personal trainer who is guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life!
Whether your goal is to become stronger, lose weight, or just get in better shape, our personal trainers are the best in the industry, and are here to get you to your fitness goals. Take the first step on your fitness journey today!

Why we started

Did you know 80% of fitness professionals quit within the first 2 years?
With over 30+ years of experience within the fitness industry, our team at Arclight fitness not only understand the loopholes personal trainers face but can also use their expertise to navigate them around these barriers.

What are your next steps after qualifying as a fitness professional?

Majority of personal trainers, sport massage therapists and online coaches struggle to get started within this industry. Having noticed, Arclight Fitness was born; we could pass our knowledge onto newly qualified personal trainers to boost clientele.
The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the fitness industry in a way never been seen before. Founded in the wake of Covid-19; Arclight Fitness targets the client search barrier for fitness professionals, finding individuals who remain passionate and require the guidance of an expert.
Our portal will allow you to create a personal profile, showcasing your services to the thousands of potential clients on your doorstep and bringing a new level of fitness to your local area.
It doesn't matter if you work with a gym, online or freelance you have the platform to provide your services in your local area and keep your business running during these unprecedented times

How we help build your client base

• We do your marketing for you, when a client searches for personal trainers in your area, we`ll be there!
• Over 52,000 people search for personal trainers each month
• We stay ahead of the curve and make sure our ads are always shown. When a potential client is searching for a personal trainer, we`ll be there.
• We advertise not only on google but Facebook and Instagram as well, to ensure the widest possible audience is reached.
• Our Facebook and Instagram ads reach over 125,000 people per month
• We work with fitness related blog posts and websites to push the growth of the fitness industry and your potential client base.
• Regular marketing emails to clients who have registered interest to keep them informed of your amazing offers on your profile.
• With our profile subscription you will receive exclusive discounts on equipment, future course and nutrition supplements from our partners!

Arclight trainers



Each trainer is different, and therefore can charge different prices. Feel free to search through all the trainers in your area in order to find a trainer who suits your budget, and who can provide the services you need!
Anywhere you like! If you find a trainer you really like, and would like to train with them in a gym, then feel free to contact them and enquire about their prices and availability. If you would prefer outdoor, or home training you can search on Arclight Fitness for trainers that provide this too.
You can book your trainer directly through our online booking system. Simply find the trainer you would like to hire and select book now to go through to our online payment options.
If you have booked through the Arclight Fitness booking system email info@arclightfitness to request a cancellation of your session. Please not your cancellation will not be accepted if cancelling within 12 hours of your allotted time with your trainer.
Yes, we want our Arclight Fitness family to grow. You will need to provide evidence that you have the relevant qualifications to support your services. For example, if you are a personal trainer, we would need to see evidence of your Level 3 Personal Training qualification before we can activate your trainer profile. We offer more than just personal training however, so if you offer a specific service email to find out more!
The Arclight Fitness platform will be used to promote your profile to a wider audience. You, as an Arclight trainer will be featured regularly in marketing to increase your reach to new clients. Our goal is to make connecting you and your clients easier, and enhance your career as a fitness professional.
You can pay via monthly direct debit and you can cancel at any time however upon cancelation your profile will no longer be visible to new potential clients.